About the Event

The Lobster Feed & Charity Auction, now in its 40th year, is a major fund-raising event and joint venture of two parties, the Lakewood Center for the Arts and the Lake Oswego Rotary Club.

Each partner provides a co-chair as well as financial and volunteer support to promote and stage the many details of what has become the largest social and fundraising event in Lake Oswego. The net proceeds of this unique fundraiser have grown to become the largest single source of unrestricted funds for both parties. This amazing partnership has benefitted both organizations in providing programs and support to our community, the region and the world.


Now in its 40th year, the auction has raised more than $4.2 million dollars to benefit non-profit organizations, community projects, the arts and humanitarian needs in our community, state, and the world! The auction is highly anticipated and attended by more than 600 people who generously give to help fund and support humanitarian and community causes through  Lake Oswego Rotary as well as supporting theatre, arts programs, and youth outreach at Lakewood Center for the Arts.

In addition, a portion of the net proceeds will continue to benefit these and other causes:
Fly Fishing Collaborative
Building aquaponic greenhouses to create sustainable solutions to poverty and human trafficking.

Helping support a youth drop in center providing services helping young adults stay off the streets. The center is in Beaverton, Oregon.
Reborn Bikes - Bikes For Kids
 Help support initiatives to provide free bikes to local kids in need.
2024 Lobster Feed and Charity Auction Special Appeal -
Empowering young women, internationally and locally